OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I'm seeing a problem when playing an MKV with dvdplayer that has both TrueHD and AC3 audio tracks. With either the TrueHD or AC3 audio track, if I start the movie from the beginning there's a long-ish delay (due to ffmpeg complaining about a "Non-increasing DTS") and eventually the movie will play both video and audio. However when starting the same movie from a resume point (eg. "Play from 09:00") there is never any video, only audio (either TrueHD or AC3).

omxplayer will play both video and audio when resuming, or starting from beginning.

Debug log of dvdplayer resuming from about 9 minutes (with default TrueHD audio stream #1) here.

This doesn't seem to be a new problem, I've gone back several weeks worth of builds and the behaviour is the same.

I have a 500MB sample with which to reproduce the "resume from" problem if you need this (dropbox).

Watch (using either omxplayer or dvdplayer) until about 03:00 and stop, then try playing again with dvdplayer this time resuming from 03:00 - it will be very slow to resume but should eventually give you just TrueHD audio and no video. Stop and resume using omxplayer and you'll have both video and TrueHD audio. I can also reproduce this behaviour with the AC3 track (you need to switch audio tracks when starting from beginning).
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