OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
MilhouseVH builds are built from XBMC master branch, which is 14.0-ALPHA1. But XBMC master is as long as Gotham is not released the same as Gotham branch, just without the Gotham splash - so it contains same fixes.

@popcornmix, @sraue
I tried to rescan my music library yesterday using 330 build from MilhouseVH (so latest test build). I'm using a USB WiFi stick and everything worked fine as long as the screeensaver didn't kick in. Everytime I got back to the PI and wanted to check it's progress (since it's taking a while) it had a black screen and was frozen. Cutted power and rebooted, started import again and ended up with same issue. Then I disabled screensaver and tried again and import finished. Odd thing was though that all graphics where suddenly gone in my skin (Eminence) after that import and I couldn't switch to Confluence and back. XBMC told me that skin files where missing which was not the case as a reboot showed. So I assume it might have been a memory issue (leak?). I'm running 512MB model B with AFAIK default/common GPU mem settings. Unfortunately I don't have a debug log of this nor my PI at hand right now, but I could try to reproduce (whiping music db and rescan). Just tell me what you need or what I should test (I'm a linux noob, so I would need instructions for any console commands I should check when issue occurs again)

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