OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-04-01, 14:09)da-anda Wrote: I tried to rescan my music library yesterday using 330 build from MilhouseVH (so latest test build). I'm using a USB WiFi stick and everything worked fine as long as the screeensaver didn't kick in. Everytime I got back to the PI and wanted to check it's progress (since it's taking a while) it had a black screen and was frozen. Cutted power and rebooted, started import again and ended up with same issue. Then I disabled screensaver and tried again and import finished. Odd thing was though that all graphics where suddenly gone in my skin (Eminence) after that import and I couldn't switch to Confluence and back. XBMC told me that skin files where missing which was not the case as a reboot showed. So I assume it might have been a memory issue (leak?). I'm running 512MB model B with AFAIK default/common GPU mem settings. Unfortunately I don't have a debug log of this nor my PI at hand right now, but I could try to reproduce (whiping music db and rescan). Just tell me what you need or what I should test (I'm a linux noob, so I would need instructions for any console commands I should check when issue occurs again)

I guess information on reproducing it would be useful. Do the music scan from a clean boot with:
Same settings as locked up before. Check it is repeatable.
Same settings as locked up before but with screen saver disable.
Same settings as locked up before but with confluence skin.

It would be useful if during the scans you run Milhouse's script. Run:
./ xgc

That outputs info on free arm and gpu memory. You can see if one of those is close to zero when the crash happens.
I'm also interested if the ssh connection is still working after the hang.
I'm also interested if you enter "killall xbmc.bin" (which should restart xbmc) if xbmc is working fine (and bcmstat memory usage is back to normal), or if it requires a reboot to recover the memory.

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