OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
@bagofcrap24: Try this build (#0401b) which includes all the recent commits on libass github (ie. these changes).

If it fixes the problem you should report this to the OpenELEC developers as I won't be including these libass changes in future builds, unless they're included in OpenELEC master of course. However if it doesn't fix the problem you should still report it to the OpenELEC developers after confirming the problem is in a stock nightly first - then it can hopefully be fixed upstream and included in a future update (or libass reverted back to 0.10.2).

(2014-04-01, 23:05)Trixster Wrote: Youtube videos will not load with #0401, they ran perfectly with the previous build.

debug log (wiki)?
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