OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2

Could you download the files
and tell me if all the channels are in good place with OMXplayer and PAPlayer
then could you downsize to 5.0 your AVR (I suppose you can with the AVR setup) and try the files again.

Why I propose this test is because I have a 5.0 config.
With OMXPlayer LFE is mapped to FL and FR (large band) and channels 7 and 8 mapped to FL-RL and FR-RR, this is OK,
BUT with PAPlayer LFE is not mapped (no sound) and channel 7 mapped to RL channel 8 mapped to RR only.
I think this is a mistake.

What are your results, what do you think?
Config, video/audio player:
3T HDD <USB> RPi2/Libreelec <HDMI> Denon AVR-2313 <HDMI> LG TV 55UF860V
                                          <nfs wired> Linksys WRT32X router <USB> 4T HDD

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