OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
please help, I need some feedback on this error...

My Pi (second one, first one broke but had the same problem) which boots on SD but has storage on USB runs very well most of the time (latest MilhouseVH build 0402). It's overclocked pretty high but I never have any hangs or reboots while playing files or updating library. What happens is that it hangs during the night when it's on but not doing anything. Sometimes it's still accessible through ssh but sometimes a hard reboot is needed. Sometimes after a hard reboot it won't boot at all with only a red led on, I can usually get it to boot with another SD in those cases and everything is fine again. After that plugging in the old SD probably works too...

I'm running wired ethernet (through a wireless bridge) and I have a wireless keyboard on usb.

It can run fine for several days or even weeks without this happening but when it starts happening it seems to get worse and worse, happening more and more often.

Not sure when this started but it wasn't like this in the beginning. I've always updated to the latest MilhouseVH build when it came out. Any ideas?

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