OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Sometimes it does not get the switch to SBS/TAB mode, it depends on the file and have nothing to do with having 3dsbs somewhere in the filename.

What happens is that XBMC detects that its a 3d movie and indicates that with a banner at the top that says "stereoscopic sbs movie", so it does know that its a SBS file.
But sometimes at specific movies the TV does not get the switch to SBS mode and I have to do it manually on the TV, when I do that, the two fields of subs are already combined into one and so is the rest of the GUI so it looks fine.

Maybe there's a 3D bit you can set in the movie or something, but the majority sends the switch to SBS signal to the TV. But the odd thing is it knows its 3D because firstly it indicates it, and secondly the GUI and subs switch to SBS mode.

I can see from your screenshot that neither the SBS splitting of the GUI nor subtitles is happening for you, it's like its oppersite, does the automatic switch to correct 3D mode work? Do you get the stereoscopic mode "ask" box when you start a movie?

I will test some more since I have not played around with 3D on Gotham very much. If there's a pattern I will upload the log.

Edit: it just detected a SBS file as TAB and switched my tv to TAB, so there defenatly is something up with detection.
Edit edit: Hep.. Seems I can recreate the error, I'll see if I can get a clip and log of that for someone to investigate first thing tomorrow?

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