OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-04-11, 02:06)tuxen Wrote: I can see from your screenshot that neither the SBS splitting of the GUI nor subtitles is happening for you, it's like its oppersite, does the automatic switch to correct 3D mode work? Do you get the stereoscopic mode "ask" box when you start a movie?
I didn't get that stereoscopic mode "ask" until I set the stereoscopic mode to SBS manually in the video individual settings during movie playback. After that, a whole new world opened up (GUI seems to correctly shown and subtitles also, as well as 3D movie playback).

(2014-04-11, 13:01)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-04-11, 00:01)pplucky Wrote: xbmc master doesn't support switching the TV into 3D mode, nor does gotham beta 5.
It's only an experimental feature in newclock3 that is known to not be perfect. See:
Didn't know that, but it seems to be working well, after the SBS definition in the individual video settings while playing the video.

(2014-04-11, 16:44)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-03-27, 02:17)pplucky Wrote: Nope, like this:

Correct subtitle should be:

Edit: Don't know if it is relevant, but it behaves the same in omxplayer or DVDplayer.

I've just tried your subtitle file, and it renders correctly for me.
What resolution are you using in settings/system/video? What is GUI resolution set to? What is resolution of video file?

Does it play correctly with openelec gotham beta 5?
Everything seems to work well now, both in Gotham beta 5 or Milhouse build. It seems to me that probably my 3D file is not correct in terms of mkv header flags, so XBMC is not being able to interpret it automatically as 3D (causing those strange behavior when playing the movie). I will check this and also try with some other 3D file.

I'm sorry that I may have raised a false question, but wouldn't it make sense to have some alternate way of XBMC determining if a movie file is 3D or not (using the name as worst case scenario if everything else fails Huh), rather than having to set it up manually for every 3D file in my library (in the video settings during playback)? Maybe some setting in advancedsettings.xml?

@popcornmix: What do you think of the above suggestion to deal with these 3D files with missing mkv header flags identifying it as such?

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