OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-04-13, 08:40)botribun Wrote:
(2014-04-13, 00:36)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-04-12, 20:49)marcavatar Wrote: I meant when I start a movie mkv full HD 1080p or 720p at 24 refrsh the movie performs slowly when sudden and repeated scenes of the movie become handled, the movies are the same that I used to do before the last update and are not presented these problems.

Not really understanding.
Anyone else seeing problems like this?
Not exactly but, since few builds livestreams/rtmp's are time-warping and flickering the first few seconds of play. And sometimes the system just freeze, more often as usual while trying to play a stream. No such problems with beta 5...
I play a lot of live/rtmp streams (over the Internet). Some just run overnight and I have not experienced this with milhouseVH latest build. Maybe it's because I do not use the pvr part but a video addon that fits my cable provider and normal stream links. I have not seen the speed up/down issue either and I tried a lot of files mostly 1080p in sizes of 8-16GB. The new refresh modes seem to work just fine here. I have not experienced any freezes or crashes in now 2 days of uptime. I have enabled the new fiq driver also.

So far everything is as stable as official beta 5 and plays movies the same or actually better. I have not tested dvdplayer much but in general it seems to work with some more CPU use though and software DTS brings dvdplayer almost to a halt with 100% CPU, but I'm sure that's expected.

@regarding 3D my TV now gets the "switch to 3D mode" even with files with a blank header stereoscopic tag or without 3DSBS/TAB in the filename. But its funny like I wrote earlier I had to cycle the 3D mode setting like pplucky before it auto detected the wrongly detected file. This was on another RPi with beta 5 so I'm sure it has nothing todo with milhouseVH build.

So far 0411b has been very nice to me. Smile

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