WIP Adding Audio DSP Plugin to AddonManager
Hi Noob101,

(2016-07-22, 02:47)Noob101 Wrote: Any further pointers you can give me in terms of documentation?
A overview about AudioDSP in user perspective could be found in my current state thread.
Public API of AudioDSP is present in <repository>/xbmc/addons/kodi-addon-dev-kit/include/kodi/kodi_adsp_dll.h.
Current available add-on source code is here.
My latest development branch with fixes for AudioDSP and Kodi can be found in AudioDSP/V2/usability_core_fixes.

(2016-07-22, 02:47)Noob101 Wrote: I would like to create some plugs for this, but I am a commercial developer. I must also admit that It is very confusing for me how the licensing works, but considering how awesome this community is, I'm sure I'll understand it soon.
I would still releasing free stuff too.
Do we talk about free add-ons or commercial add-ons? Or both?
I hope that you understand that I could not give much support for commercial add-ons without getting paid for my support. But if you only wanna create open source add-ons or contribute to our existing add-ons, I would be happy to assist you and work with you without money.

(2016-07-22, 02:47)Noob101 Wrote: I see some pretty amazing opportunities becoming available here as long as licensing does not get in the way.. Can you sell plugins that run on a framework for a GPL product?
Well, this is a hard question and I'm also searching for possibilities to spend more time to develop for AudioDSP. Currently I develop all stuff in my spare time and I would like to spend more time on it. But I guess that isn't possible without money. I thought about a donation button, sell add-ons, ask a company to sponsor me...
So far I don't know what would be the best bussines model.
I'm not very familiar with the entire GPL license. But if you develop new software based on GPL your developed source code has also to be released under GPL. Kodi itself is GPL2 and all adsp add-ons are released under GPL3. Maybe this link helps you a little bit.
I also will ask in team maybe someone knows more than I about how commerical add-ons would like.
Latest news about AudioDSP and my libraries is available on Twitter.

Developers can follow me on Github.

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