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Thanks for the response, over the next few weeks I am rearranging my library and will start to use one folder for all the movieset artwork
Hi guys sorry to pick up an old topic but i don't know if i m missing something

At the moment i have checked both options for moviesets:

download in the single movie folder
download in a common folder

And it's working
Is there some option where i can decide the name of the artwork?

Right now i have
<collection name>-fanart.jpg
<collection name>-poster.jpg

in the common folder, wich is perfect,
but in the single movie folder i have


Is there a way to do make them with the same way?
I have try to change also the single movie artwork name,
trying to make them dinamically, but it doesn't work.

And also:
Is it possibile to have the automatic scrape also of the collection logo?
i can choose it manually but not automatically.

Thanks in advantage
well <collection name>-fanart.jpg in the movie folder could lead to duplicate entries (imagine one labels a movie set the same way as one movie -> <collection name>-fanart.jpg would resolve in the same file name as <movie name>-fanart.jpg), thus we only support movieset-fanart.jpg/movieset-poster.jpg in movie folders

automatic download of extra artwork for movie sets has been included recently - it will be available in 2.8.4
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