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I just updated to XBMC 13 and now 13.1 and I have a problem. I have the TVTunes added and back in version 12.0 thru 12.3 all my TV theme songs played back; I have some rather old shows as well. When I updated to Gotham the older shows now do not play the TV theme songs anymore for what seems to be the older tv shows. The newer shows do play just fine, but not the older ones.

So went in to the audio output settings and played around with these. "Output configuration" seems to be the area that fixes this, but then creates another problem. After installation this is defaulted to "Optimized" which in turn the older TV shows do not playback the theme song. For movies, this is fine and all 5.1 are working. I tried the setting "Best Match" and still the TV theme song does not play. Only when I select "Fixed" does the TV theme song play. But then all my movies are played back in Stereo, not 5.1

I checked in to any commonality and I see that the older shows have a file size less than 400kb and then I checked the bit rate and they are pretty low; 16kbps and 26kbps are just two of them. The newer TV theme songs are around 100+kbps.

I tried looking around for another theme song file, but since these are older TV shows I can't find one that has higher bit rates. The TV Tunes add-on does not appear to have any setting for this either.

Is there something I can do here to have both working; movies in 5.1 (DD and DTS) and all TV theme songs playback? Or do I need another add-on?

All systems are Windows 7 Pro, all are XBMC 13.1 Gotham, all connected to amplifiers via HDMI cabling. Again, this was not a problem back in version 12's.
upload a debug log (wiki)
Here you go

What I did is I clicked on "Black Sails" and saw the episodes. I then can hear the theme song play. Exited out and then went to the next one which was "Black Sheep Squadron". Once seeing the episodes, no audio. Current setting in the audio output is "Optimize"

Just an FYI, when I play the shows (whether old or new) audio is fine; I can hear the tv show. I also did this debug on a computer that is not connected via HDMI; just a computer using motherboard speaker ports. But the same happens though as with the two other systems that are connected via HDMI. Thanks for your quick reply.
Update - I also added XBMC to my laptop and same thing occur. What I did is added a small library in the laptop; separate from my server at home. From the log there is two errors reported, but I do not understand the log well. What do you think?
Still here with the problem. Log uploaded
Try using Best Match instead of Optimize.
I did try that one too. Same results. Thanks for the reply.

Not sure why this is doing this, as mentioned before it was never a problem in earlier versions. Also did a complete uninstall, cleanup and then reinstall and same thing.
Is the issue only with themes supplied by TVTunes? So audio from playback of the actual TV shows is ok? If so you might be better off posting on the TvTunes thread for attention of the add-on dev.
Yes, only with the audio playback of the theme for older shows like Blach Sheep Squadron or . The show itself plays back audio just fine. Not sure if there was an update to TvTunes when I installed XBMC 13.1 from 12.3. In version 12.3 everything worked fine. Something more to add, if I go to the addon settings and select "Play themes when browsing TV show list" same thing occurs. I figured this is something with XBMC itself since it is in the System > System > Audio Output. But now I found a new problem. Turning off the addon setting "Play themes when browsing TV show list" now does not shut it off; I unchecked it and still the playback occurs right when I pause on a show. Did not do that before so you may be on to something with the addon.

I'll open a thread there. Thanks
Hello swatbat.
I had the same problem with a few of the themes I had from TVtunes. Most worked fine, but a few did not play and had the same error in the xbmc log.
The issue seems to be with the audio rates of the file (comparing ones that worked and ones that didn't). A straight conversion to 128kbps didn't work initially, sample rate of file (I use MediaInfo to view details) was still lower than working ones.
So I converted it to wav, then mp3, and made sure the mp3 settings were at least as good as those that worked.
I went with 128kbps for format and 44.1 stereo/32-bit for sample.
Tunes work fine now.

Basically you need to re-sample the theme.

hope this helps
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