[AirPlay][Warning] Don't update to iOS8 if you want AirPlay
(2014-09-24, 13:20)Memphiz Wrote: I don't think there is an easy way to fake the mac address which comes from the layer2 of the network stack. We only can influence the mac adress used in the announcements i guess.

the mac address advertised is irrelevant, you really could put anything there...

In earlier mythtv's airplay implementation, we used a random number, and it was different between the RAOP and the Airplay service. This caused two devices to appear on the iPhone, one video only and one audio only. You had to constantly switch between the two.

Making the mac address the same, made it behave the same as an AppleTV, it appears as a video device but it can do both audio and video.

In iOS 5 and later however, if you were advertising only an airplay (video) device and no corresponding raop one, it would not be displayed in the list of airplay device.

I was thinking earlier today, a fix, could be that we could advertise 3 services.
1, that appears like the old airport express, RAOP, RSA encryption only, with a unique deviceid/mac address
The name would be "Blah (Audio Only)"

And two services, both with the same deviceid/mac address, the first service RAOP linking back to the first service, but with fairplay support) , the second service being airplay, with the fairplay set. The name would be "Blah (Video/Phonto Only)

You would have to select "Blah (audio only)" if you want to stream music. For videos and photos, you use the other service.

Not ultra convenient, but that would work. That behaviour would be linked to an iOS 8 flag somewhere
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