Unable to set LG Remote map (CEC)
I've been trying to set keymapping on my LG CEC remote so I can use things like show info and context menu aswell but I just can't get it to work.

I first tried to following xbmc's mapping guide which didn't work, I tried loading the default remote.xml, didn't work I tried naming remote.xml to keymap.xml didn't work, I tried putting them in both system/keymaps as the keymaps dir in userdata didn't work, I tried throwing in a little script someone wrote for his/her samsung tv from a Raspberry Pi/RaspBMC specific forum, didn't do anything either. I downloaded the Key Mapping plugin, but when I try to set any other keys then the oe mentioned below my TV overrules me pushing the button and gives me a "invalid key" error on screen, so, if I want to set the arrow up button and click Arrow up it works just fine but if I want to set context menu to, say, a number (0-9) I get the mentioned error. If I try to set it to one of the colored buttonds (red for example) it doesn't register me pushing the button and just returns to the selection screen. End of it all there is no change whatever I try to add or remove (and yes I'm rebooting, restarting xbmc etc. etc.).

Ok first of all, this is the remote I have for my LG 42LV4500-ZC TV, it took me some googling because they all look a like but none of them where actually the same lol

Now for what it does, it auto maps the following buttons (without making a keymaps file) with CEC:

Arrow up, down, left and right to up down left and right
OK to select (or just OK, whatever you want to call it)
Back to Previous dir or exit video or, well, pretty much just back
stop to stop
play to play (seems to be context menu on selecting a dir)
pauze to pauze
and the fast forward/backward buttons to what they should do.

All of the other buttons give either a "function not available" (0-9 for example) or an option from my TV (Ratio brings up a menu, sound is just TV sound, Info shows TV channel information etc. etc.).

I have more then enough buttons to work with but, it just doesn't work, like, at all.
Just mapping the context menu and Info would work good enough for me really since that's all I need next to the buttons that work already but I'm in serious need of some help then cuz lol, i'm fresh out of ideas.

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