Watched status not syncing across clients
Ive confirmed that the "sync" of recordings watched status on my system comes from the shared video library database. So it seems this is responsible for syncing the watched status between my clients. It has delays though, and when one client watches something, that isn't immediately refreshed on other clients etc.

But as I mentioned I will add support for storing the "PlayCount" in the backend (as well as setting the Watched flag in WMC when playcount is >0) so both XBMC and MB3 can sync this info (assuming MB3 implement their side).

As an aside, how come you have multiple XBMC clients but are not sharing your music/video databases? Do you only use XBMC for live TV and MB3 for everything else? If you use XBMC for any other video/music I would urge you to setup a shared database (install MySQL on your "server" box). That way all the metadata scraping and scanning items into the library only has to happen once, and all clients can share that library metadata plus resume position and watched status of videos, music etc.
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RE: Watched status not syncing across clients - by scarecrow420 - 2014-07-10, 15:07

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