Metadata contained in the video file
Does TMM do any management of the metadata that's actually contained in the video files (I'll call this on-board metadata for lack of a better term since metadata is also used to describe associated .nfo files)?

The reason I ask is that I recently had to do a photorec of one of my media drives. This destroyed all my file names but left any on-board meta intact. I'd love for a utility to read/rename the files according to that on-board meta if it exists. I'd also appreciate being able to take an existing TMM library and update the on-board meta.

It's not that I don't appreciate the versatility of the .nfo files. It's more about never wanting to find myself in the situation I'm in again, opening all my video files and sifting through the first several minutes to figure out what it's filename should be.

Are there any existing utilities for updating the on-board meta? It seems to me like TMM would be a logical destination for the utility since you've already mastered the art of extracting this information from the web. If someone else were to attempt to make a utility like this they would have to recreate a lot of what you already have here.

Essentially it would break down into:
1. determine what video file types allow ob-meta
2. write the procedures for writing ob-meta for each file type. replace existing on-board meta with TMM meta
3. write the procedures for reading ob-meta for each file type. replace existing TMM meta with what is found on-board
4. add context menu item for read, write

I imagine I'm not the first to think of this. Are there stumbling blocks that make this more difficult than I foresee?
thanks for your suggestion.
in the MediaPortal forum there was a similar request; unfortunately embedded meta data are container format specific (mp4, mkv, ..) and thus it would need much (specific) logic to enable reading/writing to these containers;
If that is not possible within Java, we would have to include native apps which will do that embedding..

I do not see that this would be maintainable for us Sad

btw: I would also like to embed these infos like ID3 Tags in MP3 files; but with that many different file format this won't be solve-able
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Metadata contained in the video file0
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