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(2019-02-13, 18:03)chrissix Wrote: @supp 

For the last two years, I've been skinning a bit around and use/need TextureTool quite often.

Tried on different
windows versions
vstudio versions

But always the same problem:

Extracting/decompile was never a problem
Compiling little .xbt file sizes was also never a problem

But most modern skins have a big huge .xbt file.
It's compiling always a 0kb file.

My frusty workaround after a lot of hours trying different fixing stuff:
I use version
I disable internet that it can't autoupdate this version
Only vstudio 2015 is installed, the only version on system.
Then on the 10th, 15th or 20th try and error (0kb xbt) it's working once.

I really hope that there is a patch/fix, more functional version.
Looking forward to that.
Maybe that's the final hint here.
I never tried with files bigger than 5mb.

So maybe the issue just exists when you try to compile big textures.

Which textures.xbt from which skin did you try it with?

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