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(2016-09-10, 04:07)bry- Wrote: @Shelle your contributions will be missed... Oh wait ..

Thanks for your helpful input... I was merely offering an opinion.

I guess in your world, because I don't bother to hang around the forums much, with having no useful skills to offer re development, my opinion doesn't count; I guess since I don't count in your world, my occasional donations won't be missed either.
Sorry for not answering any questions, unfortunately I wasn't able to set aside time for this project in the last months.

The repo has been updated, the latest master should be installable on Kodi 16.1, I tested it on Win 10 and OSX 10.10. I did not notice any serious problems, I have been using the skin with Kodi 16.1 for quite a while, so I guess I can safely say it's working as it should.

As for Krypton (Kodi 17):
It seems that a lot has changed, so we will need to modify quite a few things in the skin to make it work. I will start a new branch in the repo during this week, where I will try to make the necessary changes, I can't make any promises though. I only have very limited time I can devote to this project, so any help is more than welcome.

I created a new branch and made some of the necessary changes to support Krypton. Now the skin should be installable and usable on the latest version of Kodi (Krypton beta 6). There are issues though, the most apparent ones being: the confirmation dialog has no background, selected items in almost all views lost their distinct background, so it's hard to identify what is the current item in a lists. I will iron these bugs out as soon as I can, but as always: help and bug reports are welcome.

Get the Krypton version:
QQbenq: Thank you so much for your work. I am really looking forward to using my favorite Skin again.

I asked for help here but now I see that I did not read that this one does not work in Krypton yet.
I will wait. patiently .... Wink
I have a working version of the skin on the latest Kodi (Krypton beta 6). It has no very apparent errors, but of course there might be issues, I opened a new thread here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=298901
Please add bug reports/requests to that thread. Thanks everyone.

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