Yeelight service / add on
OK, I get it. Smile

Then You're the last hope Smile

BTW Maybe it's a hardware limitation. I mean maybe there is to much data for the controller to handle.

Please update us daily about the project.

Well, I'm having couple of problems, the biggest is the speed.... i am using rgb to set colour and then i have to set brightness separately - that is 2 commands. I tried using scenes since with those you can set both color and brightness in a single go, but for whatever reason it doesn't work. Tried to send every other command - i.e. 1 command i send color, 2nd command i send brightness and there is slight improvement.... we'll see....

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(2017-06-01, 11:46)DaLanik Wrote: Tried to send every other command - i.e. 1 command i send color, 2nd command i send brightness and there is slight improvement.... we'll see....

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These are good news.

I know that You will make it Big Grin

I tried to contact You via PM but I can't.

I opened a new thread, I hope someone can help me.
hi Smile
i don't know why there are so few of us interested into this project.

any luck with your light issues?
Yes, you can download the test version from my TEST repo. It works pretty well, but still have to optimize a lot of stuff... but it works. Next version will be in normal repo, in a couple of days... (better integration between standard operation of YeeMee addon ad Ambi light and support for up to 8 bulbs).
After months of developing I found out it doesn't seem to work on Android, since RenderCapture() doesn't seem to be working there... So, for the time being seems Ambi part of the addon only works on Windows (that I tested)...
That's unfortunate... Sad

I want to buy an Android TV but now I'm unsure...
Yes, it is... It never occured to me to test it on Android, since I'm programming on Windows (obviously) and thought Kodi should be the same on all platforms... I don't know if Krypton is different, I still use Jarvis (on Android)
well i want to use it on windows so that's fine with me. Smile

if i am lucky i will have the bulbs delivered this week and i will try them as soon as possible.

will you upload a new video showing how it works?

another question is... does your plugin have lamp positions and if so, does it change colors accordingly?

for example.... i want to have one lamp on my ceiling which means that it should mostly have the color that exists at the top of my tv...
then one lamp at the left of the screen which means it should have the color that displays at the left of the screen.... etc.

@FlashD, i have an android TV and a dedicated htpc. i am using the htpc because it is a lot better. no lags, better support for all audios and videos, ram.... etc etc.
No, it only has left/right (with 2 bulbs) or up left/right, down left/right (with 4 bulbs).
well is there ANY chance that there could be an option for a top-bottom bulb?

i hope you are having better luck with your code than i have with the stupid customs! that don't want to send me my bulbs

from what i have checked, you are probably the only person who is working on his. i will make sure to make a small donation for your time as soon as my bulbs arrive and have them working Smile

thank you
To tell you the truth, I'm not very motivated to do on the Ambi part of this since I discovered it doesn't work on Android... I'll have a look how diffictult it would be to do the up/down, but no promises Smile It is not only making up/down, but somehow putting that in settings. Now it automatically uses 1 2 or 4 bulbs, by the numbering. The settings for this addon is a real nightmare and is very complex... don't want to add any mor complexity by having to specify l/r or u/d....
maybe i should start motivating you that a nice windows based htpc will be a better more "future-proof" solution for you Smile
don't bail on the ambi part. think of all the kids Big Grin

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