Let's jack the motion weather Map
i know no one uses the weather.com weather feature on xbmc, but i do.

also, i like to use the map in motion, to see the rain on the radar, on my pc.

i think the weather would be much more useful on the box if some programer were to look at the coding and program a similar data retrival method, as seen in the temperature information, to capture the "map in motion" or animated radar screens.
There are two radar scripts. xRadar and AccuWeather. They both do looping radars.

AccuWeather http://www.xbmc.xbox-scene.com/forum/sho...hp?t=20644
Beg to differ I use the weather daily. Helps me decide if I want to call in for work or not Wink But I admit it would be sweet if we could get more weather details or the radar as a selectable or configurable option in the weather but I think we all know this wont be done by dev and I havent skill enough to create a patch.
does xRadar work for anyone? i just get error messages and then it locks my system up hard Sad
Use Nuka's AccuWeather... much nicer!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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Let's jack the motion weather Map00