Win HOW TO - Launch MPC-HC/MPC-BE with madVR as an External Player
(2019-02-13, 21:11)bsweet0us Wrote:
(2019-02-11, 20:59)bsweet0us Wrote: So, I'm having a problem that likely stems from a setting in either MPC-HC or MadVR, but not sure which.

I can get a file via KODI, have it launch MPC-HC as an external player in fullscreen, but then nothing.  Making MPC-HC into windowed mode, I can see the title of the file in the title bar, but the file won't play.  It shows Paused [H/W] below the control bar, but the play/pause button won't work wither through clicking it, spacebar, or options along the top.

I think we can exclude KODI as the cause, because it's performing as expected, but I may be wrong.  Any direction on this frustrating issue would be greatly appreciated...
 So, as a follow up to this, I have changed the madVR setting to only update the refresh rate when MPC-HC is put into fullscreen mode.  I can launch a file in windowed mode with no issues.  If that file is playing, when I put MPC-HC into fullscreen mode the same issue occurs where the file will pause and I can't unpause it.  I also noticed the info screen (via CTRL+J) doesn't change resolutions when the MPC-HC does or is supposed to.

I think I've narrowed the problem down to when madVR does it's thing, something is causing a disconnect somewhere.

What additional info can I provide or where is a more appropriate place to post this?  Thanks in advance for your help! 
I may have seen some similar behavior. Does this also happen when you open MPC-HC outside of Kodi? That is what I am seeing. Some files will not play and some files will play. I think more won't play than will play. That is why I've been using MPC-BE as a substitute. They just open with a paused, black screen.

If it is an issue with MPC-HC, you would have to post here:

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