Win HOW TO - Launch MPC-HC/MPC-BE with madVR as an External Player
Hi all, 
Is frame packed 3D MVC still supported under MadVR and MPC-BE or MPC-HC at least in 2020? I have a Intel i3-8300 laptop with an intel HD 620 graphics HTPC setup with Madvr (MPC-BE and MPC-HC) that seems to have no issue playing any 3d file except the Frame packed 3d MVC directly coughed up by Makemkv (no intermediary...just a straight H.264 MVC dump with MVC+AVC).  It plays them in 2d even with all the correct 3d settings for LAV filters and MadVR. I know the file rip is sound because Stereoplayer activates 3d without issue, and Kodi seems to detect the 3d if only for a moment (but still switching to 2d). SBS files also play without issue.

This might seem like a small step back in time for some... so please indulge me. I have been scraping the net and forums but nothing seems to speak to my issue, as every set up out there with Intel or AMD apparently "just works" with NVIDIA taking the brunt of broken 3d.

To make matters even more confusing, the 3D MVC test sample available here (no. 8 on the 3d list): works flawlessly (assuming it was a straight makemkv dump) which seems to inform me that that file isn't a frame packed raw output from Makemkv. It appears to have been remuxed somehow with Makemerge (mediainfo confirms this). Is there a secondary step after ripping from Make MKV that is required now? I know of bd3d2mk3d but that generates an SBS file which is not what I am looking for (unless of course the MVC situation has changed). What I read everywhere is that Madvr remains the only free HTPC application capable of rendering frame packed MVC 3d but the simplicity described in the numerous forums seems to be a thing of the past.

The 3d outputs to a Panasonic Plasma with active 3d, if that matters. What can I say, some of us love the classics. So a lot of the current scenarios which seem targeted to Oculus 3d don't apply to me (and in my understanding, shouldn't matter).
I also came across something with regards to Intel and HDMI 1.4.... and broken 3d in 8th generation processors, but nothing that I can find confirms this.

Please help!

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