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The blue color on the gray background doesnt look good at least to me. I find it difficult to distinguish it and makes me feel some sort of tension after no more then 5 minutes.

Just guessing - wouldn't it be better to replace it with the blue from the top bar (BLOG DOWNLOAD WIKI BUGTRACKER...). Its more saturated and should be easier to distinguish it from the background.
dimmed links some more and added new forum status icons. Everybody happy now? If not, patches welcome Tongue
(2014-11-24, 12:08)da-anda Wrote: well, the blue is part of the brand and not going to vanish, so better get used to it. I changed some button colors here and there to be grey instead of blue - so should be better now.

I thought the logo was "colorless", and blue was just a sort of default?
yes, it's open for more/other colors and our current default is blue - just didn't want to start of a huge bikeshed discussion about a better default color etc - that's why I said it's part of the brand - at least it's the default brand color for now (we need something)
A lot better. Finally Smile

Thank you!
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Much better now Smile
Are you going to change the favicon for the forums too - I noticed the one for is the new logo, but I'm still seeing the 'x' on the forums..

Or is it just me :-)
all in time. needed a break.
I tested the favicon on the main site, will all be changed in time
Yes, that's way better on the forum eyes have stopped bleeding fire. Smile Thanks.
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I like the color for the Kodi logo, however the cyan/blue on black is somewhat jarring/uncomfortable to read. I find myself squinting when looking at the top bar of the forum among others. Any chance you could leave the old theme/board style in the User options?

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