Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-03, 09:45)hentai23 Wrote: thanks for fixing the pixelshader for dsplayer aracnoz , anyone know how to apply shaders thou ? , cause in potplayer it was a simple thing of adding shader config files to a shader config folder and selecting the shader/s in potplayer , there are 2 options in potplayer , one preresize and one postresize pixelshader and you can apply as many shaders as required , is this now available for dsplayer madvr or does it need integration as of yet?

btw ive still got GUI lag even with prebuffering frames set to 1 , id appreciate if this could be fixed , maybe madshi could chime in on this one

and thanks for fixing the back out to menu crash bug aracnoz

You have to add it to shaders,xml and edit mediaconfig.xml. Old DSPlayer wiki has something about it.

Not much lag here (or at all). It is close to Normal Kodi responsiveness.

Make sure you don't tax too much load on GPU ie. uses too high demand settings. Render GUI also put load on GPU as well. If your GPU load is already maxed out. GUI render bound to suffer.

Try lower your madvr settings and see if your GUI lag is still present. Maybe you pushed your system too hard.

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