Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
thanks for the shaders instructions , that actually sufficed to get them up and running , and ill investigate about the lag , its odd really , since i use NNEEDI x16 for upscaling 720p and lower videos but shouldnt really be an issue with the GUI since i use an unlocked Titan GTX

update> after upgrading kodi again , ive found out that my extra added shaders from potplayer get deleted as well as my shader settings in the dsplayer folder under players in kodi , so what i did was have kodi run in portable mode this solves this issue since everything in the portable folder overwrites the default folder settings , all you have to do is move the shaders folder and shaders settings to your kodi/portable_data/userdata/dsplayer folder and your good to go, no more deleted shaders or settings

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