Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-03, 05:17)oldpoem Wrote: @aracnoz I've found a bug. Select editing existing filters loads up wrong filter config dialogue.

oldpoem, do you have this bug when you try to edit an existing filter in "- Filters configuration"?
I did some tests there and it seems to be ok, but maybe I misunderstood what you mean

(2015-04-03, 05:39)dbezerra Wrote: AHA! Found the issue. Reverted back to MadVR 0.87.14 and it's fixed.Versions .16 or .17 are messing up with full screen mode (exclusive or overlay), but only in Kodi/DSPlayer.

can you make two logs in debug mode of madVR with version 0.87.14 and 0.87.17 and send them to madshi ... would be useful to have no problems with future vesion of madVR

(2015-04-03, 09:45)hentai23 Wrote: thanks for fixing the pixelshader for dsplayer aracnoz , anyone know how to apply shaders thou ?

it's possible to select them even in system - video - dsplayer - media rules - shader id

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