Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-03, 20:23)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-04-03, 20:03)hentai23 Wrote: thats epic sauce aracnoz, so a little update on the GUI lag ....its still there and ive tried using less demanding upscale renderers such as jinc 3 , and unchecking wait till render queue is full as well as setting frame prerender to 1 for both exclusive and windowed mode ....no beef , still am getting Gui lag , this is exspecially noticeable when i exit into home screen while video is still playing in background , i hope this big issue can be fixed , as said this is a madvr issue , i hope madshi can help with this one , since its something to do how madvr works with gui elements , ive noticed this behavior with poptlayers onscreen gui as well

doesnt matter what skin you use , be it xperience1080 or cirrus , aeon mq etc

as well as all of the low quality settings are unchecked and im not using refreshrate changers such as reclock either that would mess with the refreshrate of the gui , so i have no freakin clue, again this happens with potplayers onscreen gui as well, the easiest way is to change the volume up and down to see the delay in GUI element rendering

It's been said before by madshi; you can't completely eliminate the gui lag because of the way madVR pre-renders frames. Unless this feature is removed, madVR will continue to work this way. I am sure this is done to improve the quality of the image. Almost all compromises in madVR are made in the name of picture quality.

The problem you describe would be considered a feature request for future versions of madVR. But you would have to make this request in the official madVR forum at Doom9. I don't think things will ever be different with current madVR releases.

Try this.

Set present frame in advance to 1 in MadVR (Exclusive mode & Non-Exclusive , the one you're gonna use, Mine use Exclusive)
Disable MadVR refresh rate change.
Enable Kodi Auto-adjust refresh rate. Mine set to start/stop & 4.6s. Yours can be varied.

With Kodi, you don't wamt tp use madVR refresh rate change. Because after 1 playback stop sometimes madVR would stuck in that mode. That's meant GUI would probably render on madVR 24p mode which is not good. It could be help if you experienced GUI lag when playback stop. GUI when playback is ongoing is different matter.

So use Kodi built-in refresh rate change instead and it works the same.

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