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(2015-04-04, 17:48)Cinder Wrote: Has anyone setup a working DSPlayer + madVR + SVP?
I'm trying to do this, but I can't quite get it to work, I've been following Warner306's guide for setting up madVR in DSPlayer, and then got the DSPlayer FFDShow starter pack configs (SVP need FFDShow to run right?), but when using these configs no videos start in Kodi, nothing happens.

The difference I see in mediasconfig compared to the SVP Teams' own configs for Kodi, is that in their config the source is said to be "lavfsplitter", this launches videos, Warner306's config says source is "lavsource", and doesn't manage to launch videos. Using lavfsplitter as source videos manage to start and seem to be using madVR, however I have constant frame drops, probably averaging 1 frame dropped per second. Also splitter is "lavf_splitter" vs "lavsplitter".

Anyone got any ideas of why lavsource doesn't run, and/or what I can do to stop the frame drops? I have ReClock installed and set up - do I need to change something in its settings to avoid the drops?

Also I would like to know if there is a way to do a side-by-side comparison of madVR on and madVR off? I'm having a hard time distinguishing between changes to the image, and in some cases I find there is no difference between madVR and EVR renderers, is it possible that the differences are that small, or are they usually very clear?

Thanks for your awesome work on this player, I have SVP running perfectly since before, and now I'm trying to get some madVR goodness into it as well. I'm curious to see if my A8-7600K with GTX 960 can handle both.

I just tried SVP with MadVR on Kod It works fine like on EVR when I tried many months ago. If framedrop occurs most likely your GPU can't keep up with task loads. You should reset SVP profiles to let it determined what is best settings for your system. Also you would want to lower madVR settings if you want to use it with SVP because it double loads on GPU/CPU.

You don't need DSPlayer config from SVP at all. Just insert FFDShow RAW as extra filter and that's all you need to make Kodi DSplayer works with SVP. Disabe ato-refresh rate changing in MadVR & Kodi since we want to output everything to 60fps. Also I'd say from my past experience don't use reclock with SVP.

Also AVISynth that came with SVP was quite old. You may want to update it to latest version and maybe AVISynthMT version for better performance.
Cinder Wrote:I tried NNEDI3 on my desktop (trying to find my preferred settings before migrating them to HTPC), and indeed I can see some improvements when switching back to "nearest neighbor" for instance. Differences between the other algorithms are really hard for me to spot, say between Jinc and NNEDI33. I tested this on a very low res video though (512x384), which leaves me wondering - which resolutions does madVR really shine at 720p upscaling to 1080p?

I also found now that the madVR setting changes are in fact instantaneous to the played video, which I was unable to see on 1080p material. Still, I am getting dropped frames when running with SVP as well, any suggestions on solving that?

And finally I get no subtitles in Kodi to show now that I'm running SVP with FFDShow Raw and madVR..?

In any case, many thanks for your help, I'm sure I will be able to set this up to be fantastic with a little help.

You will definitely see improvement when compared to simple algorithm, Nearest Neighbor / Bilinear. But when compared to other more complex algorithm it will be a lot less improvement. Especially when less amount of scaling is needed.

Decided by your eyes. Don't trust other's eyes, some like it sharp some says it's too sharp. Our visual preference is different. Just like when some prefer normal fps but some prefer interpolated 60fps from SVP.

On 1080p you would see less differences. Especially with SVP. SVP algorithm already do some post processing like cleanup /denoise / sharpening etc.

I'd say I sometimes miss this smooth 60fps especially on Animation. Maybe I'd try to set up profiles for it.

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