Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-05, 02:05)Warner306 Wrote: The stop freeze is happening to me, too. I think overall stability could be improved. Turning on debugging seems to stop the video from freezing when stopping playback, but can lead to freezes when loading the video - but the freeze on loading happens far less often. The freeze on stop problem is too common to be overlooked, unfortunately.

I am using a Nvidia card with 347.88 driver. Driver version 347.52 has the same problem. My Intel HD 3000 is very solid and reliable with only an occasional crash.

The black screen might be due to the content. I found 9 movies in my collection of 400 that would break apart (go to a black screen when seeking forward). All but one was an MP4 ripped years ago. Remuxing these files to MKV fixed that problem. Regardless, I intend to send a sample to aracnoz to see if he can fix this. The link to the program I used to fix the black screen is in the first post of the guide I posted. Any problem file can be fixed in a minute or two without changing the audio or the video - only the container is remuxed to an MKV.

all the files I have tested have been MKV.

But i just updated to hotfix driver 350.05. I'll turn madVR back and see what happens.

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