Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-06, 03:25)Warner306 Wrote: If using FFDShow to do the image resizing, then I don't think any of the custom algorithms will do much of anything. Either FFDShow does the resizing or madVR.

I'm not using FFDShow to do image resizing, just sharpening. I can see the difference between setting image upscaling to Nearest Neighbor and Jinc-3, but other than that its really hard for me to tell differences between say Jinc and Lanczos. I'm starting to think that SVP pretty much counteracts most of the gain you would get with madVR, as the interpolation may affect the images slightly.

Further, I did manage to stop the 1 frame/sec dropped by increasing the GPU queue in madVR, now its working perfectly it seems.

However, my subtitles in Kodi are gone, I have selected subtitles from the playback GUI, but they dont show up. With EVR subtitles work, what is the difference between subtitle handling between the two, and how do I fix madVR to display subtitles using the GUI in Kodi again?

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