Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-08, 11:32)hentai23 Wrote: yes madshi sees this as a low priorty issue compared to much bigger issues currently with madvr and i respect that , but nontheless acknowledged and admitted the current issue to be apparent and annoying and needing further fixing Wink

btw theres nowhere to disable present several frames in advance option to be seen in current kodi dsplayer build so i wouldnt know where to disable it in the first place , not to mention present several frames in advance is disabled by default on my madvr settings for both exclusive and windowed mode already, backbuffer still presents frames in advance just not several aka it goes up to 8 as can be seen in madvr settings, not sure how this is implemented in kodi thou , apparently the frames prebuffered in advance for kodi are different or lower than the ones set in madvr settings, maybe thats the issue of having a blackscreen instead of video?

madshi Wrote:You should be able to reduce the lag a bit by reducing the size of the GPU queue, the number of "presented frames in advance", and/or maybe even by disabling the "present several frames in advance" options completely for both windowed and exclusive mode. In the end this is a lag that is "by design", though. Changing the options mentioned above should reduce the lag, but it will not totally get rid of it. The reason for that is that madVR tries to render many frames in advance, to make sure playback stays smooth even if the PC gets super busy for short periods of time during playback.

Maybe I can find a way to reduce the lag in a future madVR build, but for now I have different priorities.

The keyword here is "Maybe" not "need" though.

I saw your earlier settings were way too high. It's tradeoff between smooth / responsive here. If you set it high in numbers of frames / queue it'll compensate responsiveness on osd with smooth playback (more frames rendered in advance). But if you want more responsiveness you should set it as low as possible (less frames rendered in advance) but you're at more risk of not smooth playback.

Don't worry about broken deinterlace since it's rare nowadays unless you have lot of interlaced source, but then it always easy to deinterlace by LAVFilters instead of madVR.

Kodi MadVR doesn't touch those "present frames in advance / backbuffer" settings so it uses value set in madVR global settings.

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