Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-08, 17:02)hentai23 Wrote: so you never actually managed to fix the current GUI lag issue with kodi that occurs during backout to kodi homescreen during playback , i see , i hope this can be fixed thou, would be great

for the moment there is nothing that i can do for the lag, i don't know if this it's impossible to solve with current release of madvr or is my limit with madVR integration, all my attempts causes negative effects on the potential of madVR

(2015-04-08, 17:02)hentai23 Wrote: ...the gpu load during pause i recon would be indeed something that needs to be reported to madshi to fix

as I said I like all this hype about DSPlayer, but I don't want to bother other people, madshi told me about something she wants to do for this and i know for sure that it will continue to develop and make more great madVR but we cannot decide what he should be given priority, DSPlayer is not the center of the world, probably we will never have a perfect version of DSPlayer, also because I do not know if there is a perfect program bug-free, for all is a work in progress, so we have to try to adapt to this imperfection, not all bugs make a program unusable and we cannot have everything now

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