Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-08, 17:19)oldpoem Wrote: After "disable present frames in advance" I don't have any noticeable lag anymore even backout to home menu during playback.It is fluid as normal kodi now.

Something is wrong with your system then, I saw your system spec and it is much higher than mine. 2 of my windows htpc( i3/GT630 ) & (i5/GT760) runs really fine.

Maybe you use mouse & Keyboard? Aracnoz & madshi seem to imply that you should use remote control with KodiMadVR.

no i dont use mouse & Keyboard, id love to know who would except for vicmanpergar lols, i use a xbox360 controller with xperience1080 skin, and i dont know what kind of magic build youre using but over here mine and others builds backing out to the homescreen during playback and navigating around is indeed accustomed by lag

aracnoz Wrote:for the moment there is nothing that i can do for the lag, i don't know if this it's impossible to solve with current release of madvr or is my limit with madVR integration, all my attempts causes negative effects on the potential of madVR

well thats ok ill gladly wait for this to be fixed,once you come up with a solution aracnoz,i know this is abit of a difficult issue to be fixed , thanks

aracnoz Wrote:as I said I like all this hype about DSPlayer, but I don't want to bother other people, madshi told me about something she wants to do for this and i know for sure that it will continue to develop and make more great madVR but we cannot decide what he should be given priority, DSPlayer is not the center of the world, probably we will never have a perfect version of DSPlayer, also because I do not know if there is a perfect program bug-free, for all is a work in progress, so we have to try to adapt to this imperfection, not all bugs make a program unusable and we cannot have everything now

oh so youve already reported this issue? great, btw reporting issues isnt a matter of bothering madshi , im sure he would like to know when somethings not working properly

and about bugs and usability your absolutely right, but we can thrive for that perfect experience and improve and have said bugs taken care of over time , instead of giving up alltogether and accepting current open issues till the end of time, right? thats how you advance with better software in general if not we would still be stuck with atari pcs and 56k modems as ive said before

about dsplayer and perfection , it might not be perfect but youve goddamned moved towards that goal in the recent month by a huge step, thanks for that and if someone had told me this to be possible with xbmc/kodi a decade earlier wouldve most likely had laughed him straight out the park

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