Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-08, 11:46)Slurm Wrote: I'm using the Kodi-madVR version on a daily basis and am really happy with it. It works great, thanks Madshi & Aracnoz!

There are some things I have noticed:

1. I had to go back to an older madVR version (0.87.14) because with the newer versions osd flickers while pausing a movie.

2. I also have to press pause twice to pause a movie. This only happens with madVR as video renderer.

3. Pressing stop while a movie is paused makes kodi crash.

So much for pausing a movie Wink The high gpu load while pausing should be solved with a newer madVR version if I'm not mistaken.

Can anyone confirm the above problems?

I have not seen any problems with the OSD. Do you mean the Kodi OSD or the madVR OSD?

I have noticed that pausing a movie can take multiple attempts.

I haven't noticed that the player crashes when stopping after pausing a movie. However, stopping a video has caused many crashes on my system.

aracnoz says he is unable to recreate the crash on stop and there will likely be no error in the debug log when this happens. He is right about that. Fixing this issue then becomes a problem. My one computer is fine. The other has a few quirks.

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