Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Sadly I get the same problem

22:21:00 T:6208  NOTICE: CFGLoader::InsertAudioRenderer Successfully added "" to the graph
22:21:00 T:6208  NOTICE: CFGLoader::InsertFilter Successfully added "AV Source" to the graph
22:21:00 T:6208   ERROR: CFGLoader::InsertSourceFilter Failed to load file in the splitter/source
22:21:00 T:6208   ERROR: CFGLoader::LoadFilterRules Failed to insert the source filter
22:21:00 T:6208   ERROR: CFGManager::RenderFileXbmc Failed to load filters rules
22:21:00 T:6208   ERROR: CDSPlayer::Process - Failed creating DS Graph

Without the AV Splitter connected I'm able to playback the video through GraphStudio.

Do I need Cyberlink or ArchSoft installed for this to work?


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