Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-08, 22:37)hentai23 Wrote: or you could show us a video of it in action, since im trying to figure out why the GUI is so laggy during playback backout to kodi GUI

update > so ive tried the command it worked! its odd that theres no shortcut to easily access it without command thou while theres no video playing , and btw ive left it at the default settings , simply enabled all the 24bit and 32 bit sampling and checked the volume and set the master volume to 130% and normalize to 130% to get that volume gain, is this good or is there something im missing?

OK. This is my final video


Intel i5
Nvidia GTX760

I'd say it's on par with normal kodi again.

I'll remove in few days since it takes quite a bit on my dropbox.

I personally leave master at 100% to prevent clipping though. Also I enable resample to deal with some file that has weird sampling rate.

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