Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
It looks like we're using the same Nvidia drivers. Did you have this issue with older Nvidia driver versions? I wonder if there are Any Kodi DSPlayer users who are using this Nvidia driver version AND not experiencing the issue we're having.

@Warner306, what Nvidia driver are you using?

Surely, there has to be something we have different than others who don't have this symptom.

(2015-04-10, 04:24)Purgatory Wrote:
(2015-04-09, 19:53)MKANET Wrote: Hi Aracnoz,

Yes, if I make ANY changes in the madVR settings through Kodi OSD during playback, then try to stop media playback in fullscreen, it will lockup Kodi hard.

If I uncheck option for "Manage madVR settings through the gui of kodi" THEN, try to change madVR settings via Windows system tray icon during media playback in Kodi fullscreen, it will also lock up Kodi hard in the same fashion.

If I simply uncheck the option for "Manage madVR settings through the gui of kodi" (or have it checked), it doesn't cause any issues. I actually have to make a settings change either in the Kodi Video OSD OR make the equivalent changes in madVR system tray icon also.

Whatever it is, it appears to be related to the extended madvr settings (not available under DSPlayer general options). I can make general madVR settings changes under DSPlayer menu related to madvr (such as toggling Fullscreen Exclusive mode without having any issues at all. However, I can't enable something like SmoothMotion or any of the other similar settings in the Kodi Video OSD (or madVR tray icon settings).

What do you think might be different about the DSPlayer general madVR settings (like enable Exclusive mode) compared to the settings under Kodi Video OSD?

Thanks so much!

Chiming in to say I have the exact same issue. Once settings in madVR are adjusted (outside/inside of DSPlayer) that has to do with 'enhancements' via madVR doing the heavy lifting/processing, my setup/config freezes. None of the settings are saved because you have to crash Kodi.

Running GT 540M GPU with 347.52 drivers (CUVID is not used in LAV), Win7 x64, Helix 14.2 (Apr. 8th release).

I had to give up for now and wait for a possible fix to continue to test and see what I like by trying some of Warner306 excellent tips and tutorials to see what's the best PQ I can achieve.

Everything works great otherwise. Thank you to all involved for this great advancement in HD playback.

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