Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-10, 08:15)Warner306 Wrote: No, it's not the driver. After taking my system apart one day, I figured out the freezing most likely has something to do with code for the player that can't be fixed by any external tinkering. That is frustrating to the user, but likely true.

If you click on any of the items in the changelog in the first post, you can see the actual code that makes the player work. It is fairly complex, and I'm sure one line could make the whole thing crash.

The only hint as to what could be wrong, for me at least, is that turning on madVR debugging seems to help considerably. Something engaged by debug mode is causing the player to be more stable. This is probably causing a headache for aracnoz because he can't replicate this issue on his test system. But hopefully he can piece together what parts of the player might be impacted by debug mode, which could cause such a crash. I also provided some crash logs, which may or may not contain some information about the crash.

I would advise turning on madVR debugging. You will end up with a bunch of debug logs on your desktop, but the player will behave normally with no performance hit.

I'm not sure about no performance hit debugging mode though, many software suffer performance hit if debugging is enabled. You should observe carefully before announcing that.

I rarely has this freeze on stop maybe 1 in 20s . Never lockup when change madVR settings through Kodi. Only get blackscreen when stop lately (maybe 2-3 latest build of DSPlayer & madVR). It seem to be when Kodi try to change back refresh rate though.

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