Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I tried settings madVR to its default settings, but the problem is no clearer. I am using Nividia driver 350.xx.

I turned off the Kodi gui and reset madVR from its folder. Nothing crashed with a few test files.

I turned the Kodi gui back on, which reloaded my profiles. Again, nothing crashed.

I opened madVR and reset the setting "This display has been calibrated," set a gamma curve of 2.20 and unchecked all of the "trade quality for performance" checkboxes. The freeze bug returned.

So, I reset madVR once more, left the Kodi gui on and played some content. Eventually, a TV Show froze. Pressing Pause and then Stop could make this happen more frequently.

So, maybe things improve by resetting madVR to its defaults, but I still experienced a freeze. The Kodi gui didn't appear to impact anything. I thought changing settings in madVR might be to blame, but it is hard to tell. Even then, a freeze could still occur.

I think the latest build is better, but the random freezes will be difficult to treat.

Does the situation improve for anyone else when madVR debugging is turned on? What about the latest build? Any change from previous versions?

Thousands of people have looked at the set-up guide, but I don't know how many have tried DSPlayer. Even then, some who experience problems may drop the player and never return. The set-up guide I posted for MPC is growing in views faster than the DSPlayer guide, so it is difficult to determine who has stuck with DSPlayer and who has this specific problem.

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