Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
i'm happy to see that most of the crash are solved but there is alot to do for that... madvr and kodi at playstart and stop they try to do the same things with their own thread so there is a fight on that, specially kodi i don't know if there is some forgotten code but he try to change resolution something like 100 times and even if don't really change the resolution it end to reset the device, to have a rock solid release i have to study whole entire process of kodi and then try to make wait madvr that kodi end all the things that he wants do

to do that i would need alot of time that right now i don't have anymore :\

but I want to reassure, I already have a build of Isengard, as soon as we will be the first beta there will be even the dsplayer version, but to improve the integration of madVR in DSPlayer i should do a very careful and expensive work that right now I cannot do, further improvements on madVR have to wait for now, I overlooked many things about my private life that now i need to recover Smile

don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of what we managed to do all togheter, in 10 days this thread has over 10,000 views, seems that people are more interested to this that instead a release in dx11... this should make it clear to the team kodi what people really want

who knows... it seemed impossible to have a version of kodi with madVR and instead we managed it, maybe one day we will be able to change theirs mind on this


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