Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Playing HDR Demos from YouTube

If you are looking for high-quality HDR demo clips, YouTube has a growing catalogue of free 4K UHD HDR content.

This content can be easily played with MPC-BE by opening the URL address for any 4K UHD HDR video with the media player.


Open YouTube in a web browser and navigate to the channel with 4K UHD HDR videos you want to play:


Select a video and highlight the URL in the address bar. Right-click and select Copy:


Open MPC-BE and navigate to the Options menu. Under Online media services, configure the player to play 4K UHD HDR streams by checking the options below:


Select File -> Open File/URL…


Check Paste URL from clipboard and the copied link address will be automatically loaded. Press OK to play the video:


You can confirm the stream is playing in HDR with the madVR OSD (Ctrl + J).

To get you started, here are some great YouTube channels with numerous high-quality 4K UHD HDR clips:

4K HDR Movie Clips
The HDR Channel
4K HDR Media
Jacob + Katie Schwarz
TechnoZen Gaming

These are some of my favorite downloadable 4K UHD 60 fps HDR Demos:

LG: Chess HDR
LG: Colors of Journey HDR
LG: New York HDR
LG: Rays of Light HDR
LG: Cymatic Jazz HDR
Samsung: Travel With My Pet HDR

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