Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-24, 19:35)vmax Wrote: Hey guys I'm so happy that there is ongoing support for THE BEST version of KODI!

I just have a question about possible hardware to run this, I'm currently running on a core i3 with the onboard video, it still works good, but from what I am reading here I might need to upgrade the video with a better graphics card. What would you guys suggest?

Thanks for all your hard work and to the rest of the people on this forum that are really helpful and patient with us newbee's...

You don't have to upgrade the graphics card just to run Jinc image scaling and Error Diffusion dithering. I would only do this if you planned to build a new HTPC. The difference in picture quality will be apparent, but I don't believe it scales evenly with the cost of a new computer.

If you have money to spend and a desire to own a better computer, then go for it. But I would only insist upon it if I owned a 4K display and needed to scale 1080p to 4K using NNEDI3 Image Doubling. I wouldn't do it any other way. For scaling to 1080p, madVR can only do so much to the source. You would get a better return by buying a new TV with better black levels.

I would never talk you out of buying a better graphics card, either. Cheap options like the GTS 450 will allow you to use Jinc3-4 + AR, Debanding and Error Diffusion dithering, but no NNEDI3. It all depends on how much of a picture quality snob you are.

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