Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-04-26, 20:49)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-04-26, 16:40)XTrojan Wrote:
(2015-04-26, 16:21)Warner306 Wrote: I'm not sure. 24hz judder is always going to be present much like 3/2 pulldown. It is a myth that it is completely smooth because the framerate is quite low. But you may be describing something more serious. Try DVDPlayer (Context Menu -> Play Using). That would tell the story.

That audio delay makes it sound like your TV has a poor implementation of 24p playback. It is possible to have a delay but says bad things about the video lag created by your TV. I hope you are using Kodi to handle refresh rate changes and not madVR. I would try ReClock in this case, as it might improve the lip-sync issue in either bitstream or PCM playback. I have also discovered with my Samsung LED that 24p playback can be disappointing.

Sorry, I couldn't help wow you with the perfect A/V set-up. But, even with the best technology, compromises still exist and nothing is perfect. This is especially true with 24p playback.
I had same issue on DVDPlayer, it might be me being a perfectionist but i can notice it once per 5min or similar, what pisses me off is that Stereoscopic player doesn't have this issue at all.

I just tried reclock bitstreaming but with media correction on and playing at 24Hz, weirdly enough it seemed to fix some of the random judders without messing the audio up.

I have yet to watch a movie with this setup, but hoping it works.

Movie 23.976->24.000
Lav Audio->A/V Sync on, bitstream on.

If this doesn't fix it then fuck it.

Well, I'm glad you made it to the end. The only upgrade that could be recommended is a TV with a superior implementation of 24hz playback. I have some judder as well but I don't find it that annoying.

In the movie theatres, the projector has a shutter that opens and closes at high speeds, which creates the illusion that the video is moving at a framerate close to 48hz than 24hz. On a fixed display like a television, there is no shutter.
I'm thinking of putting my GTX 970 into my HTPC, it'd be overkill for sure but doubling the refresh rate and upscaling to 4k is worth a try with that kind of GPU power.

i'm not sure if my i3-4360 would be enough (dual core 3.7GHz Haswell).

24P playback is annoying, in the end i wasn't able to fix it fully but it's kinda okay.

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