Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Hi, I have a strange problem.

When I'm stopping a video, or the video is stopping itlself at the end of it, sometimes (more and more often it seems), Kodi (or at least something in it) is crashing.
I get black screen or frozen screen with parts of the interface.

Logs are talking about "CDXTexture::LoadToGPU - failed to lock texture".

Auto adjust refresh rate was activated in MadVR and not in Kodi.
- If I deactivate it (videos playing at 60Hz), no bug
- If I use DVDPlayer with auto adjust refresh rate activated in Kodi, no bug
==> So the issue has to do with MadVR + autoadjust refresh rate in MadVR
- If I use autoadjust in Kodi and not MadVR, video is launching, but it's very laggy and i get thousands of presentation glitches (?)
==> the option in Kodi to define a pause duration during refresh rate doesn't work (i even tried 20 sec), I think that's why i get presentation glitches : MadVR is launching playback during refresh rate switching

I would like to test the auto adjust kodi option as advised in Warner306 guide, but with the pause option not working, it's impossible.

Any idea? Smile

EDIT : i've just tested that "pause during auto adjust refresh rate" works only with DVDPlayer, not DSPlayer.

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