Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-02, 12:47)Bjur Wrote: I have a A8-7600 AMD with 384 shaders. My questions are:
1. Should I use same profile for all video?
2. What should my best settings be?
Have tried jinc3 chroma and upscaling, AR filter on both. De interlace if doubt, banding artifacts low and medium, and smooth avoid judder, dithering ordered.
On 720p material I get interval 41,71 Ms and avg stats rendering is approx 30, frame drops keeps going up in hours as I proceed in video and have 4 dropped frames.

I'm using teamviewer to see my stats maybe it has something to say..

What is my recommendation to the 2 questions?

1) The same profile for all videos probably wouldn't make sense. Did you read the section on madVR in the set-up guide? Section 5 does a good job of explaining the rationale for each setting. Image Doubling is great if the source is 2x or less of the target resolution. Chroma upscaling can be increased when watching 1080p material while image scaling is reduced because it is not needed. 720p requires a blend of image and chroma scaling settings.

2) Your best settings will depend on what looks best to your eyes. As a middle ground, 720p material should be set to Jinc3 + AR for both chroma and luma. From there, you could upgrade to NNEDI3 chroma scaling, go down to Lanczos scaling, or add 4 taps rather than 3 taps to Jinc or Lanczos. Extra taps will make the image sharper at the cost of increased ringing. The choice of settings all depends on the power of your graphics card.

If your dropped frames counter increases at all during playback, you will have to reduce your settings. You should not have any Presentation Glitches or Dropped Frames. It is possible for these counters to increase even if you are under the average rendering queue.

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