Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-03, 21:14)ashlar Wrote:
(2015-05-01, 08:20)Warner306 Wrote: I have a question:

I mentioned in the guide that AV Splitter is needed for mkv chapter support, Matroska Editions and title selection. Today, I gave LAV Splitter a try, and low and behold, mkv chapters are now supported. Can the same be said for Matroska Editions and title selection? I don't have any to test.

I am wondering if AV Splitter is needed at all anymore. There is no consequence to using or not using it, of course. But it seems pointless to install AV Splitter if it's not needed.
Hi, I was wondering about the same thing last week. I thought about asking on Doom9, you can read the answer to my question here:
They say it has supported the advanced mkv functions since 0.56.0

Looking at LAV Filters changelog I see:

On 0.56.0 - Support for Matroska Ordered Chaptes / Segment Linking
On 0.57.0 - Added a Popup Menu to the Tray Icon which allows Stream, Edition and Chapter switching

I suppose, considering aracnoz answer as well, that AV Splitter might not be needed after all (which would simplify the creation of an all-in-one installer, by the way).

I amended the DSPlayer starter files and the guide to remove AV Splitter.

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