Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-07, 14:10)Xander Log Wrote: Hi all,

I firstly want to thank all developers and supporters for the great work,

I'm experiencing a problem using Kodi+DSplayer+MadVR. The problem is video randomly hangs. I can exit kodi and computer is not frozen but image hangs and I can't stop/rewind/etc.

I've try to change values to madVR with no succeed, no matter what I select. DVDplayer in the other hand works ok.

The hardware is an i5 processor and a nvidia 960 with latest official drivers on Windows 8.1.

This is the result of the log: http://pastebin.com/q6MR9izr

I've read something about frozen computer when stopping video, I don't know if it could have something to do with this.

Warner306 in his thread advide me to dowload PDB file from the download page and place it alongside the Kodi.exe in order to generate logs correctly. I've find this PDB and I'm going to copy it to the kodi's folder. I'll try to get a more accurated log, but any help is appreciated.

I hope someone can help.

Regards and many thanks in advance

Does this happen to certain videos, or all of them? If it is a certain video, try remuxing it with the program listed in the guide.

Also, you will probably need a madVR crash log.

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