Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

I made some changes to log more information during debug, so you have to follow the same procedure as before to generate all logs

@Xander Log

you have to rename the related pdb file in kodi.pdb, because now in your madvr freeze report there are not info from kodi, i see alot of this "CMMNotificationClient::OnPropertyValueChanged: Changed device property of {}.{b72ef269-d437-4fee-a815-ed0bd71cb1ce} is {b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc}#11" in your debug log i don't no why... let me not if without the amplifier you have the same issue


have you the possibility to test the Isengard build that i've made for djoole? i made some changes that i think that should be useful, but i don't want to break the stability that we reached with the latest build

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