Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

can you test pls this build http://www.mediafire.com/download/4c5c95...ngard2.rar , obviously without your workaround to avoid the crash/glitches


can you test this latest isengard build with your "more problematic" system Smile, i would include this fix for isengard beta 2 if everything work as he should


everythings seems good with your debug log, i don't know if you're experiencing something wrong with dsplayer, it take a bit more time than dvdplayer at playbackstop but it's not a drammatic thing, then you're using evr as videorenderer that should be even faster than with madvr, you should try to use the media rules instead direct show mertis to have the best performance with dsplayer

@Xander Log

your madvr freeze report don't catch the kodi thread, i don't know why, you should place the related pdb file in the directory where there is Kodi.exe renaming it in Kodi.pdb

anyway, you can start reporting your full debug log related to this crash, try to see also if there are the callstack tree and minidump in %appdata%/kodi

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