Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

i will merge this and other commits when the official isengard beta2 come out (it should be out today)

in the mean time can you pls test this latest build, it should solve definitely the problems on stop


@Xander Log

reading you debug log seems that there is some problem when madvr try to enter in fullscreen exclusive mode... it's very important to have a properly generated madvr freeze report in your case, you should have the Kodi.exe and Kodi.pdb in the same folder with this exactly name, and start Kodi.exe when the file Kodi.pdb it's already copied and renamed in the kodi installation folder

you could try to disable madvr full screen exclusive mode, just to be sure if it's this the problem... then i suggest you to start to upgrade to Isengard Dsplayer because i'm working only on this release now

Isengard dsplayer beta2 should be out very soon

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